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Surveys have been mailed to all registers property owners concerning architectural guidelines. Please try to put your response in the mail as soon as possible. We need your assistance in the important project.



The following Rule & Regulation was removed by a vote on the Board of Directors on October 13, 2015. 

Source:            Board of Directors                                          Originated 9/23/95
Subject:  Incoming Board of Directors, 1 of 1              Reviewed

That newly elected Directors must read, review, and revise, as needed, the CCR’s, By-laws, Rules and Regulations and the ACC Guidelines within 30 days of being elected.


Clean Up Day and Potluck was a Huge Success!

The Neighborhood Clean-Up Day was held on Saturday, October 24th, and we had over 45 volunteers!  We were able to do many tasks that keep our expenses down and let us meet our neighbors.  The Board of Directors would like to thank the following persons who made the effort to pitch in. 

James Rego

Brett & Stacie Cameron

Jack Hulse

Steve, Regina and Emilio Garcia

Vincente Gonzales

Jim Shannon

DeeDee Black

Jim Backus

Marvin, Tristan & Laura Jessop

Amy, Lenny and Hunter Eberwein

John Black

Kirk Beaty

Brenda Moseley                                             

Paul Elias

Jason Robertson & family

Scott, Ray & April Failla

Mark & Kim Stubsten

Eileen & Gabriella Provanzano

Neal Horton

Tom & Karen Krause

Leo Fiebiger

Cory Scherting

Don Campbell

David & Jeri Watts

Tom Reynolds

Steve Shiffer

Alex Allwine

Jeff Youngker

*** Plus more, whose names I did not get

Projects included:  Patching pot holes, cleaning alleys, cleaning ditches (the amount of dirt shoveled was staggering!)  washing speed bumps, adding speed bump reflectors, installing new street signs, trimming the tree at 175th and Orangewood, and helping load 3 huge dumpsters with yard waste and trash.



Irrigation Blow Out Problems: Blow outs are causing and damage to neighbors and the alleys.

Always Check Your Water - Always check your outer berms for leaking water, both during your irrigation and after the water soaks in. Some leaks start long after your irrigation time. Remember, you are responsible for your water and any damages that it may cause.


Ditches and Leaves

Falling leaves are clogging up ditches and leading to flood damage. Please clean out your leaves every week, even if you are not irrigating. The damage you prevent may be to your own property.

Thank You!