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Irrigation Water Costs Rise: The Maricopa Water District raised the cost of our irrigation water in January 2015. The Board of Directors has increased the price for irrigation water to be effective on May 1st. Cost per hour will go from $8.00 to $8.50 on all water ordered for delivery after May 1st.


Summer Irrigation Schedule has started. We now have 2 outlets for water and the first ditch to get water rotates each week.


Irrigation Blow Out Problems: Blow outs are causing and damage to neighbors and the alleys.

Always Check Your Water - Always check your outer berms for leaking water, both during your irrigation and after the water soaks in. Some leaks start long after your irrigation time. Remember, you are responsible for your water and any damages that it may cause.


Ditches and Leaves

Falling leaves are clogging up ditches and leading to flood damage. Please clean out your leaves every week, even if you are not irrigating. The damage you prevent may be to your own property.

Thank You!