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October 9, 2014 Road Work Update

More rain means another delay. The Chip Sealing of our roads has been rescheduled to begin on Thursday, October 16th. Thank you.



September 15, 2014 Road Work Update

The recent rains have delayed the schedule for chip sealing our roads. The patching will still be done on the 25th of September. Your driveway gravel that is on the road surface will need to be removed by that date. Chip sealing has been rescheduled to begin October 10th. Thank you.

August 23,2014

Notice of chip sealing of roads

The Board of Directors has contracted with Cactus Asphalt to do patching and chip sealing work on all our roads in September.  The work will start on September 25th and should be completed by September 29th. 

If you have driveway material, dirt or gravel that extends onto the roadway, it will need to be swept or shoveled off of the road surface before September 22nd.  The paving contractor will be sweeping the roads, but it is the property owners responsibility to remove as much of the material as possible. 

If you have a drive way that you would like to have chip sealed while the equipment is in our neighborhood, please contact Brian at Cactus Asphalt at 602-463-9897.  (You will need to contract separately with them for the work.)  

Please contact the office if you have any questions or will not be able to remove your driveway material from the road surface. 


Granite Vista Info:

New information update July 5, 2014 Granite Vista

Granite Vista is a new residential development on the northwest corner of Cotton Lane and Northern Ave. that is being proposed by Elliot Homes.  Elliot Homes and their representatives began meeting with area residents in December of 2013.  To get more information about the project and how it will impact Clearwater Farms.


We are now on a Summer Irrigation Schedule. See the Ditch Rotation Schedule for more information.


Irrigation Blow Out Problems: Blow outs are causing and damage to neighbors and the alleys.

Always Check Your Water - Always check your outer berms for leaking water, both during your irrigation and after the water soaks in. Some leaks start long after your irrigation time. Remember, you are responsible for your water and any damages that it may cause.


Ditches and Leaves

Falling leaves are clogging up ditches and leading to flood damage. Please clean out your leaves every week, even if you are not irrigating. The damage you prevent may be to your own property.

Thank You!