Clearwater Farms Unit II POA

Welcome to our updated website.  Clearwater Farms Unit II includes most of the lots between Northern and Glendale Avenues; and between Cotton Lane and Citrus Road in Waddell, Arizona.


We are now running irrigation from only the #1005 Outlet.  All water originates at Citrus Rd. and Northern Ave.  The Citrus ditch is first to get water each week and does not rotate.  We will be on this “Winter Schedule” until the end of February.


The following Rule & Regulation was removed by a vote on the Board of Directors on October 13, 2015. 

Source:            Board of Directors                                          Originated 9/23/95
Subject:  Incoming Board of Directors, 1 of 1              Reviewed

That newly elected Directors must read, review, and revise, as needed, the CCR’s, By-laws, Rules and Regulations and the ACC Guidelines within 30 days of being elected.


What a Great Day!

The Neighborhood Clean-Up Day was held on Saturday, October 24th, and we had over 45 volunteers!  We were able to do many tasks that keep our expenses down and let us meet our neighbors.  The Board of Directors would like to thank everyone who made the effort to pitch in.

Projects included:  Patching pot holes, cleaning alleys, cleaning ditches (the amount of dirt shoveled was staggering!)  washing speed bumps, adding speed bump reflectors, installing new street signs, trimming the tree at 175th and Orangewood, and helping load 3 huge dumpsters with yard waste and trash.